I am a collage artist focusing on geometric patterns, colour, randomness and order, as well as stories and the human experience. I recycle discarded and donated magazines, and found or recycled surfaces, such as masonite boards. Using printed paper as paint, like a mosaic-maker, I’m re-contextualising print media.  I want to show the immense potential of all that soon-to-be paper waste and to invite the viewer to notice patterns as well as question them and consider their logic. So I resist the urge to buy magazines just to cut them up.  This artistic process demands that I use what comes to me: random, found, then reshaped and restructured.

Gold Lady. 65x75cm. Paper and decoupage medium on wood panel. In private collection.

This art form is my way of exploring media, colour, setting and finding patterns, randomness, accidents and structures.  Like paper quilts, the re-assembled images examine geometry and the chemistry of crystallising paper fragments, settling in patterns that are at times rigid and at times chaotic.  It’s a rush of information, presenting a patchwork composition from afar and endless possibilities upon close inspection.  It is maximalist art that is lavish, but at the same time it offers a new kind of indulgent approach to recycling and being resourceful.

Nostalgia. 65x75cm. Paper and decoupage medium on canvas. In private collection.

Best things I’ve been told about my collages:

“You could look at that all day long” | “It’s like a puzzle for adults” | “Your eye can’t rest anywhere” | “I love the way you occupy space” | “I love your works the longer I look at them”


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